Unwinding through participation…

From Kelly: As a nursing student at Regis University I never had the time or energy to actively participate in the arts on campus, but none the less the arts provided me with something to look forward to. Nursing is notoriously a stressful major, so I was always relieved to find ways to unwind after stressful weeks of clinicals and hours of studying. Whenever I saw a poster on campus advertising an upcoming improv show by OutRegis! or the annual play by the Ramblers I made sure to mark my calendar. These events were my stress relievers. I remember on one occasion showing up to OutRegis!’s show in my scrubs after an emotional day working in the Newborn ICU at PSL and laughing until I cried. I love that I could go to the play with a group of friends and support my peers. Looking around the packed cafeteria at my classmates and faculty reminded me of the sense of community that I felt when I walked onto campus as a Senior in high school, the sense of community that attracted me to Regis. As a nursing student it is easy to forget that you are a part of the Regis community because we don’t always get to participate in school wide events, but I am grateful for all opportunities the arts at Regis have provided me. I want to thank you for the opportunity to see my peers perform.  As an alumni I hope to continue to be able to come to the Ramblers’ performance every year, because I know it will help me stay tied to Regis for years to come.

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