How can I be part of this? A poll

We are a curious, fluid, deliberate, playful, intentional community of practice.

We gather, purposefully and regularly, to share ideas; to generate awareness of (and support for) one another’s questions, interests and work.

We work towards better rehearsal and performance spaces on campus; more intentional and interlinked courses and training;  greater overall visibility, and expanding, inclusive participation.

We explore and demonstrate how performance practices and an understanding of performance, enhances and expands dimensions and understandings of human experience.

We collaborate, in creative and mission-centered ways, with one another and with community members on new works and innovative performance projects as well as teacher/student co-scholarship.

We talk together, with the mutual goal of friendly, lively, stimulating and imaginative exchange. Please, join the conversation. See the poll, below, and take a moment to respond.  The results– and our new gathering time and place– will be posted here.

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