OutRegis! presents OutRighteous!

oscar-wild-60553_150OutRighteous! is a new writing ensemble within OutRegis! that returns to the group’s sketch comedy and dialogue roots. Members will learn to write sketch comedy while working closely with members of a campus affinity group, exploring issues of speaking for (and speaking with) others –and, of course, taking a few risks and pushing a few boundaries. That’s what performance can do; that’s what dialogue can do, and that’s what creativity, learning and transformation involve.

OutRegis! originated in 2007 as a sketch comedy group that aimed to surprise, to provoke laughter and to help focus and promote genuine, vigorous dialogue about experiences that can feel socially awkward or threatening to approach outside of intimate relationships –yet, which need to be talked about and reflected upon.  Such experiences and subjects may involve marginalization, stereotyping, unexamined assumptions, stigma, or injustices with varying degrees of consequence. Comedy and dialogue together invite an exploration of the ways that laughter can include and exclude, and promote playful curiosity in the diversity conversation– as opposed to “do’s”, “don’ts,” “-isms,” “-ists,” and other blaming or shaming approaches that can embarrass or spotlight.

Last spring, we collaborated with the GSA to produce “You’re Gay”, a sketch comedy show written by Hailey Barr in collaboration with GSA members, dealing with issues in and around the queer community.  The show, held in Walker’s Pub (with a postshow dialogue facilitated by students from Com 413: Strategies of Dialogue class) was a huge success, drawing more than 75 audience members. This year, we’re forming a separate branch of OutRegis! to further explore the critical, social and ethical issues inherent in comedy and to write comedy sketches together.  Want to write with us? Want to be part of a writing team whose best work gets produced? You can contact Hailey Barr, at hbarr@regis.edu or –for more information about a variety of ways to get involved –Dr. Janna Goodwin, at jgoodwin@regis.edu.

One thought on “OutRegis! presents OutRighteous!

  1. This is fantastic news! So glad to hear OutRegis! is branching out to comedy writing that brings a humorous, yet critical, lens to social and ethical issues. I tend to agree with Kenneth Burke that comedy can create a path socio-cultural change if we are willing to poke fun at the faults/flaws in systems of power and how we all knowingly/unknowing uphold these flawed systems. Like the cliche goes, laughter is the best medicine 🙂

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