Autumn, 2013!

Welcome back…welcome for the first time…hello…come in…read, sit, have ideas, write, respond, come to our weekly lunch table/conversation, and be part of Regis’ growing and vibrant performance community!

Yes. Regis lacks a theatre, a dance studio, a rehearsal studio and a theatre department. Thus, no sustained training exists here in the myriad, applied skills and capacities that the rigorous practices of theatre arts promote and develop. But, guess what? We do have a creative, imaginative student body and a corps of faculty committed to the power of performance and embodied knowledge. Artists, musicians, actors, writers, comedians, composers, filmmakers, and dancers thrive here, though in some cases, just outside of or beyond the recognized curricula.

Did you know that you can take a course in Communication called Performances of Self and Society? COM 312 explores the multiple performances, from personal and interpersonal to public, social and cultural, that make up our lives. Our classroom, with desks pushed aside and movement encouraged, is a place for physical exploration as well as the discussion of performance theory. We perform throughout the semester in response to readings and prompts focusing upon (for example) status, gender, social drama, power, resistance and social and political movements.

Another Communication course, Oral Interpretation and Acting (offered every other year) is moving in an exciting, new direction with the development of a new minor in Oral History. Cross-listed with History, OIA will incorporate oral history and performance, a natural and practical integration of both (which are traditional and postmodern in character and epistemology).

In COM 430, Hearing the world: Music and Audio Technology in Contemporary Society, students engage creatively and critically with the society in artistic and socially aware ways, creating original audio projects such as studio and live recordings, electronic compositions, radio plays, oral histories, audio postcards, and so on.

The Special Topics Communication course, Performing Changes, is a community-based theatre class.  Students learn the history, critical/ethical questions, practices and approaches to making new work when teaching artist work with local communities to elicit, share, hear and stories of participants. Cross-listed with Peace and Justice, Performing Changes is an excellent way to learn to co-create powerful, “relationship-narrative-dialogue” performances within your own community, or collaboratively with communities beyond the familiar.

English Department faculty offer EN 432e-w Shakespeare and EN 462  Contemporary Drama. And, through the Department of Fine and Performing Arts—in addition to courses in technique and performance in an applied area of music—you may also take FAC 254–American Musical Theater.

RCC*430M Search for Meaning: Yoga and Meditation is taught by Dr. Damien Thompson as part of the integrative core.

Every other spring, I teach a course (RCC*400D Diversity and Cultural Tradition: Exploring Belonging/Not-Belonging Through Diverse Texts,Theatre Games, Interpretation and Performance) with the wonderful Martin Garnar. Here, you’ll be coached in fundamental acting skills while exploring literature and theoretical texts about (and experiences and narratives of) difference and diversity.

IMG_0968Additionally, the spring Regis Ramblers production is a fun and playful place for students to participate in the process of creating a traditional theatre show together… and OutRegis! is Regis University’s active performance ensemble. OutRegis! writes and performs sketch comedy that raises topics for dialogue. And, they do flat-out improv and improv/comedy—for the curious, the nerdy, the playful, the creative and the imaginative. You need not perform to partake in the joys of OutRegis!… you may write sketches, for example, or write, or only come to Friday afternoon “play dates” for improv fun. Or, more seriously connect your interest in the world, in social justice, in laughter and in theatre by attending 2 rehearsals each week).

I look forward to seeing you this year!

Janna Goodwin

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